10 Unique Luxury Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Best Wedding Entertainment For Live Music

From your wedding ceremony to the reception, you’ll need luxury wedding entertainment ideas that will appease your guests from the beginning to the end.

This is where Aston Band comes in.  

With extraordinary live performances, we can set the right vibe for your wedding that can have everyone on their feet or wiping away heartfelt tears as you walk down the aisle. When you need to hire a band for bespoke and personalised live performances for your luxury wedding, Aston Band is on hand to help.

If you’re looking for unique wedding entertainment ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our top 10 from our little black book:

1. Aston Band - Elevating Weddings with Luxury Entertainment

For live wedding band music, Aston Band has got you covered. From the playlist and instruments to the outfits and magical moments, together we can organise a once-in-a-lifetime performance that’ll truly get your crowd on the dance floor!

2. Live Painting Performance - A Masterpiece Unfolds

Art enthusiasts will surely enjoy this type of wedding entertainment! Not only can this result in a beautiful keepsake for you and your partner, but your guests can also watch as a masterpiece is created before their very eyes.

3. Aerial Acrobatics and Cirque Acts - A Spectacle in the Skies

If you’re looking for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, you should consider bringing your own version of Cirque du Soleil to your wedding! From aerial hoops to aerial silks, amaze your guests with cirque acts!

4. Interactive Photobooths with Augmented Reality - Fun Keepsakes for Guests

A great way to memorialise your wedding is to leave your guests with something to keep! Fun photobooths with cool filters and even 360 cameras can make your wedding unique!

5. Surprise Flash Mob Performance - The Dance of Joy

Grab a few friends and family, perhaps even some of the staff if possible, and organise the flash mob of the century! Pick an exciting and popular song to delight your guests.

6. String Orchestra or Wedding Pianist - Elegance and Emotion Combined

If elegance and sophistication is more your forte, a live string orchestra or a pianist is one way to make your wedding even more extravagant!

7. Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Display - Dazzling Night Skies

Planning for an evening reception? Perfect. A fireworks and pyrotechnics display can certainly astonish your guests, especially as the night draws to a close (or to get the party started!).

8. Sensational LED and Light Shows - A Modern Artistic Experience

As an eco-friendly alternative to fireworks, LED and light shows also have the ability to pleasantly astound guests, a wonderful surprise to end the evening!

Check out the drone show from a recent CELEBRITY WEDDING in Madrid.

9. Virtual Reality Wedding Experience - Exploring Love in a New Dimension

For a futuristic and contemporary take on your wedding, you can’t go wrong with utilising advanced technologies like virtual reality to make your wedding special. This could be in the form of VR games that guests can play, making it a unique experience for everyone!

10. Vintage Carnival Games and Rides - Nostalgia and Fun for All

Perfect for weddings with children and adults alike, carnival games and rides offer the chance to head back down to memory lane.

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