From Classic Elegance to Modern Glamour: Tailoring Live Wedding Music to Your Luxury Affair

Opting for live wedding music doesn’t mean you have to commit to traditional, run-of-the-mill wedding band music.  If you have a strong sense for how you want your wedding to feel and the style you wish to portray, let your wedding band know and they will support you in every way they can. Whether you have a classic or contemporary style, there are plenty of ways to tailor your live wedding music to your special day.

Timeless melodies for timeless moments

There are many songs that are considered to be synonymous with weddings and first dances. One of the reasons why classic love songs feature so frequently at weddings is because you’re usually aiming to entertain a group of people of all ages. A starry-eyed love song from decades past might help older relatives to feel more at home, and even get on the dance floor and sway themselves. As well as this, choosing songs that have been firm favourites for years will likely have more emotional impact.

Contemporary hits and modern glamour

A set list full of classics might appeal to some, but including contemporary hits can help to set the scene for your wedding and cement it as a moment in time. Dancing into the night to whatever the song of the summer is will give your wedding a sense of time and place, and mean that you can look back on it with warm nostalgia.

Finding a balance

Ultimately, the most important thing is to create a musical selection that you think best captures the essence of the day. If you’re the one getting married, your taste in music comes above any other considerations you might need to make, and a professional wedding band should be able to accommodate your choices.

Customise your selection

In the same way that a film score guides the viewer through the narrative, the way you customise your music selection can help to emphasise the emotional highlights of the day. Here are some moments in the day’s running order that you might want to accentuate, and the kind of music that could apply to each scenario.

  • Guest arrivals – not only can music heighten the anticipation for the ceremony, but it can underscore the guests taking in your beautiful venue. Gentle classical music could provide the appropriate sense of occasion.
  • Walking down the aisle/entrance of the wedding party – whether you want to keep it classic with Pachelbel’s Canon, or entertain your guests with an unconventional contemporary number, your choice in music will be a statement about who you are as a couple.
  • As the night goes on – here is your chance to add definition to your day. If the music has been elegant acoustic instrumentals so far, there’s nothing stopping you from letting your hair down and giving the band free rein to blow your minds as the sun goes down.

Elevate the atmosphere with live music

When it comes to wedding band music and song choices there is no right or wrong – the most important thing is making sure that the music is exactly how you want it to be. A live band gives you the flexibility to tailor your favourite songs to your special day, and provides stunning accompaniment to moments you will cherish forever. 

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Experienced in entertainment

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