How to Choose a Luxury Band That Matches Your Event’s Sophistication

Hosting any kind of event hinges on making sure you can provide your guests with a memorable experience. When it comes to sophisticated events and parties, there is always some kind of climactic centrepiece in the night’s itinerary. If you want a magical music moment to be your event’s highlight, you need to hire a band that understands the level of elegance you’re aiming for.

Defining Your Event's Sophistication

Do you have a crystal-clear aesthetic in mind for your luxury event? This theme should unite the decorations, the dress code, the catering and especially the music. 

Say you’re aiming for a Gatsby-esque roaring 20s party; the drinks have been flowing and people are ready to dance. If your show band comes out and plays nothing but dreary slow dances, they’re going to kill the mood. Similarly, if your event is a slow and serene social, you need a band that can amplify that feeling – not shatter the peace with vibrant tunes. Before your journey to hire a band begins, you need to make sure you can describe your perfect party atmosphere.

Researching Potential Bands

Knowing precisely the sophisticated style that your event is aiming for can actually help to narrow your search. Look for bands that have played at events with a similar energy to yours, and see if they have any videos of their past performances. Once you have a selection of bands you can imagine on your stage, start dropping inquiries.

Assessing Band Suitability

Things to look for in a luxury show band

  • Professionalism – not just in their performances, but on their websites, in their reviews, and how they conduct themselves in their correspondence.  
  • Collaboration – a luxury band should be able to tailor their repertoire and style to your requirements, and offer suggestions for how they can better suit your needs. 

Presentation – it’s important that your band looks the part for your event. If their music is perfect but their style needs a revamp, see if they would be open to outfit suggestions.

Budgeting for Luxury

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that sophisticated and elegant events often have price tags to match. If you’re close to hitting your budget when the time comes to hire a band, you may want to see if you can reallocate some funds from elsewhere. 

Luxury bands are expensive, and their fees go towards their instruments, tech specifications, costumes, rehearsal time, travel costs, and much more. Instead of asking a cheaper band to perform as if they are an expensive and more experienced one, consider how important a high-quality show band is to your event. If you can’t picture the night without it, it will be well worth the investment.

Finalising the Agreement

Once you have chosen a band and are ready to seal the deal an agreement will be made, likely in the form of a contract. Make sure you read this contract carefully and that all parties are aware of its stipulations. Keep copies of any agreements made, should you need to check them later.

Coordination and Communication

When you hire a band, communication is key. In the run-up to your event you need to make sure that your chosen band know exactly what is expected of them. Make sure you have discussed the following in detail: 

  • Timings 
  • Location details 
  • Venue specifications 
  • Soundcheck requirements 
  • Dress code 
  • Set list 
  • Special requests 
  • Choreography (not just dances, but also entrances and exits) 
  • What to do in the event of an emergency 
  • Staging restrictions 
  • Who their point of contact will be on the day

Ensuring a Seamless Performance

Your chosen band will want to be able to give the performance of a lifetime for you and your guests. Make sure you make an effort to provide them with everything they need to make this happen. Then, for the event itself, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your party planning.  

If you feel that the band has been a hit make sure to let the performers know – they’ll appreciate your good reviews, and you may want their business again in the future. 

We understand high standards 

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