Tips for Hiring the Perfect Live Band for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are on the rise, with more and more couples choosing to say their vows abroad in front of idyllic backdrops. The perfect international setting deserves the perfect soundtrack to match – so why not consider a live band? Whether you find them at home or abroad, wedding bands are diverse and plentiful, and you might be overwhelmed at the choice available. Here are our tips for hiring the ideal band.

Determining Your Musical Preferences

Do you know the kind of music you want played at your wedding? Do you want it to reflect your luxurious foreign setting, or bring the charm and classic sounds of home? A good band should be able to tailor its setlist to your wishes, and even give you suggestions based on their experiences, but make sure you give them something to work with.

Considering Cultural and Religious Preferences

One of the key considerations when getting married abroad are the cultural norms for the area. Not only are there lots of legalities to be aware of, but you should also pay attention to local customs when planning your wedding day. For example, if your ceremony venue is of cultural, religious, or historical significance, it may not be appropriate for your wedding band to perform there – save their skills for the reception at a different location.

Exploring Local Bands

With a destination wedding live bands could be booked and travel from home, or you could consider musical talent that’s more local to your venue. It’s nice to incorporate the national music of your wedding location into your ceremony, but booking your band from abroad could come with communication issues if you don’t speak the same language – literally.  

Lots of UK-based bands will happily travel to your wedding and will likely have experience of making similar trips before. So rest assured, if you can’t find a local band to your liking, it’s possible to bring one with you from home.

Matching Music to Atmosphere and Theme

Make sure your chosen band can provide the right kind of music to complement your wedding’s vibe. When picking a band for wedding music, don’t just think about the aisle song and the reception. What about the music in the background during the guests’ arrival? Or during the meal? Music can accentuate so many moments of your special day, and if you’re going to the trouble of flying a band out to entertain you, you should incorporate them wherever possible.

Budgeting and Logistics

Here are some budget and logistical factors to take into consideration when bringing a band out for your destination wedding. 

  • Flights, accommodation and food for your band 
  • Transporting instruments from home, or sourcing them abroad 
  • Whether your wedding venue can provide sound equipment

Coordination With Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are often the lynchpins of destination weddings, and if you’re lucky enough to have one onboard they’ll be more than capable of coordinating with your band. Make sure that you put your planner in contact with your band as soon as they’re booked so arrangements can start right away.

Music is the Language of Love

No matter the setting for your wedding, whether it’s at home or abroad, wedding band booking should be an exciting process. Destination wedding prep can be a long, laborious experience – so let the experts handle the music. Aston Band is no stranger to jet-setting in the name of love, and we’d love the chance to make your special day all the more exceptional. Get in touch to find out more.

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