Booking the Right Corporate Show Band for Your UK Events This Year

Corporate events are invaluable networking opportunities and give you the chance to bond with your esteemed colleagues. This makes it ever-the-more important that the corporate show bands you book to perform at these events are chosen with care and careful consideration. No two UK corporate party bands are the same – we at Aston Band can attest to this, with a diverse portfolio of corporate performances under our belt. Want to know how to book the right corporate show band for your upcoming event? Read on for more.

Defining Your Corporate Event Goals

The purpose of your corporate event shapes the entertainment that you’ll require. Do you want to entertain your shareholders, court potential investors, or simply enjoy a relaxed evening with your coworkers? Clarify your corporate event goals as soon as possible, and this will help to narrow your corporate party band choices.

Understanding the Audience and Event Atmosphere

So, you’ve nailed down your corporate event goals. But who is your audience demographic? What atmosphere do you want to achieve for your event? At Aston Band, we’re a UK corporate party band known for being versatile and adaptable to our client’s needs, but certain bands only accommodate certain genres or themes. It’s always advisable to choose a band that can best achieve your desired ambience.

Budgeting and Cost Considerations

The budget for a corporate event can spiral wildly out of control if you don’t keep a close eye on your cost considerations. Take into account all of the expenses associated with corporate show bands: transport expenses, band fees, equipment and instrument rental, sound equipment, lighting and more.

Researching and Shortlisting Potential Bands

Always prioritise experience when researching and shortlisting potential bands for your UK corporate event. Experience tends to lend itself to professionalism, and also efficiency when managing the intricacies of a performance. Your band needs to be experienced in their musical style, and have a great reputation!

At Aston Band, our reviews can speak to our suitability for corporate events of all kinds.

Personal Consultations and Band Auditions

Screening corporate show bands by arranging a personal consultation or audition beforehand is a brilliant idea to gauge how appropriate their band is for your corporate event. We advise requesting video recordings of their past performances, too – there’s no better way to gain insight into a band’s stage presence, style and musical talent!

Customising the Setlist for Corporate Success

At Aston Band, we’ve always customised our setlist to suit our customer’s requirements. Ensure the perfect backing track to your corporate event by making sure to personalise every song according to the atmosphere and energy you want to present for your brand.

Technical and Logistical Coordination

As the corporate world well knows, technical and logistical coordination is everything for the smooth running of any operation. Be sure to clarify important issues like the setting up of a performance space and the rigging of any essential equipment with your band and your venue.

Communication goes far in coordination.

Finalising Contracts and Agreements

Out of the many corporate show bands in the UK, when you finally make your choice, finalise your contract with the band as soon as possible. Agree on all of the minutiae of their performance, even if certain things don’t seem to be a priority! From the setlist to the times and payment terms, hashing it out as soon as you can is ideal. 

At Aston Band, we make the process of hiring a UK corporate party band as seamless as possible. Please contact us at your earliest convenience – we’re musicians with genuine passion, ready to enhance your event.

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