From Classic Rock to Top 40 Hits: Choosing the Right Band for Your Event

Music can elevate a pleasant evening into an unforgettable moment in time. A single song has the power to transport us back to a cherished memory of dancing the night away at a stunning venue. These are the kinds of moments you want to create when you host an event with live music. But, in order for this to happen, the band you choose needs to complement your event in every way. If you know that band hire is going to be one of your top party planning priorities, here are some things to consider when finding the right band for your event.

The benefits of a live band

Your band is responsible for more than just setting the mood. It’s been proven that live music stimulates the brain far more than recorded music, and it’s this brain stimulation that can make the difference in provoking an emotional response in your guests. In other words, live music can make an event a far more engaging experience. Whether you’re planning a joyful wedding reception, an elegant fundraiser or an extravagant birthday party, a standout band can be the talking point people remember for years to come – and reflect well on your taste as a party planner.

Match the music to your event

The job of the band you hire will be to complement your event – so it’s important that your event has its own themes and style cemented before you look to incorporate live music. If you know the genre of music that will best suit your event, it immediately helps to narrow down your search.  

Once you’ve decided on a style of music, you can start looking for bands that fit the brief. Consider the following:

  • Are the bands you’re looking at local? The amount they charge may vary depending on how far they have to travel.
  • Do you have the opportunity to see any of the bands on your list play live? Their in-person energy could sway your opinion. Even if you can’t get to any of their upcoming shows, they should be able to provide you with examples that really demonstrate their abilities and personality.
  • What special requirements might the bands have? What does their set-up plan entail? Are you equipped to set the stage from a technical standpoint?

Your prospective bands should be able to answer any questions you might have about booking their services.

Communicate your vision

Once you’re in talks with your chosen band, it’s important to set clear expectations of what you need for your event. Is the band supposed to be a dazzling showstopper in the running order of your day, or do you need gentle dinner music to underscore an entire evening? Does your budget align with their rates? Are there any special features of the venue that they need to be aware of? Clear communication minimises the risk of anything going wrong on the day. Here are some things you might need to make your band aware of depending on your event:

  • Banned songs or genre. Whether it’s because it doesn’t fit the vibe, or has been specifically vetoed by a guest, let your band know well in advance.
  • If people may need to use the mic. If the band knows to expect someone on stage for an introduction or brief speech they won’t just assume someone is attempting to steal the limelight.
  • Special shoutouts. Make sure these are planned well ahead of time to ensure there are no mixed-up names or miscommunications.

A professional party band for hire should be able to talk you through their usual event process, incorporate your requirements, and – most importantly – make you feel at ease!

Don’t leave it too late

When it comes to band hire, it’s vital to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. A good band is likely to get booked up quickly, and you don’t want to find yourself dwelling on what could have been if your first choice band is busy.

Epic entertainment for everlasting memories

We have decades of experience in captivating crowds across a wide range of events. Reach out today to see if we can strike a chord at your event.

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