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Are you wondering how much it costs to hire a live wedding band?

If you are not in the events industry, you have probably never had to book a live band before, and it can be a jungle out there, so we have put together this video to help give you some tips.


As one of the UK’s most established wedding bands and co-directors of leading wedding band provider Music HQ, we can give you some solid guidelines of what you can expect to pay for a quality wedding band, and what you should get for your spend.

We have also outlined some additional costs that you may encounter on top of the band’s standard fee.

Different Levels

So how much does it cost to hire a live band? Well, there is no straight answer. You could pay anything from £1000 to £21,000!

I think the big thing to take away is that there are different levels to wedding bands just like there are levels to cars, shoes and handbags. You can get awful ones, average ones, great ones or exceptional ones!

Exceptional Quality

Mini Metro to Bentley, Clarke’s shoes to Jimmy Choo, Primark handbag to Louis Vuitton. They all do the same job to a certain degree, and all have their place, but you see what I mean, right?

As the saying goes “You get what you pay for.” This is true when it comes to hiring a wedding band, for the most part.

How much does it cost to hire a wedding band?

WOW Bands

You will generally pay a premium price for the quality of the musicians, the experience of the band and the band’s popularity.

There are cheap bands out there, but they won’t create the slick ‘WOW’ performance that you require for your very special day!

Music is such an integral part of any great party, the atmosphere a fantastic live band can create is priceless. iPop’s musicians can share the stage with Kylie or James Arthur one week then play at your wedding the next! How cool is that!!

Here To Help

We hope you find the video useful and as ever we are on hand to answer any of your questions if you need any additional advice or assistance regarding entertainment for your big day. Please feel free to reach out and drop an email anytime.


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