Aston Band have been chosen year after year for this huge event.

Best Corporate Event Band In Barcelona

We love you Barcelona!!!

After performing at the W Hotel in Barcelona last year, we’re back again but this time in a beautiful venue just North of the City - a place called Masi de Magi. The weather in Barcelona on arrival was a far cry from when we landed in a very rainy Amsterdam just a few months before - the sun was out and it felt good!!

We arrived at the venue mid afternoon... and wow! It was beautiful with it's long red carpet, sweeping down to the main house and perfectly kept gardens. It looked like it was lifted straight from a romantic movie. Inside the venue, the decor was just gorgeous, traditional Spanish with a modern twist. Very cool! We were also able to sample some wonderful Spanish cuisine too, which is always welcome

Our stage looked incredible, a lot of effort had gone into the production and lighting, which inevitably makes our show event better. We began to soundcheck and knew it was going to be a great night, the sound system provided by the client was epic! It sounded huge!


Sequins, feathers and tassels.... standard!

As the gig was quite a glitzy affair we opted for our muted silver sequins and feathers. The boys were thrilled to be perfectly matched to us ladies with their sequinned shirts and cool black velvet jackets with tassels... they love it really

Flamenco dancers filled the gorgeous gardens and the entertainment began. We peered out of the dressing room window to find a sea of men. The audience were predominately male and all engineers. We were warned they may not be the liveliest of crowds.

We went on stage a little later on, and the warnings were absurd! We whipped theses guys up into a frenzy. They were definitely up for a party! So much energy!

The crowd was made up of delegates from all over the world. It is always great to see so many different nationalities in one place. We are highly experienced in international events and have a great selection of songs that will appeal to all. The dance floor was packed from start to finish. Check out the video we made of the trip. These guys were hardcore party animals!

Exhausted but with memories of a great gig, we made our way back to London the next day to get ready for our next event. Barcelona you were amazing once again! Thanks for having us. See you next time!


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