Aston Band headed to the super cool City of Amsterdam!

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Amsterdam... You are crazy!

We found ourselves jumping onboard another plane this week, this time to Holland, the home of tulips... clogs.... and... err... cheese. (Result... I love cheese.) The city we were performing in was the famous Amsterdam, and the venue.. well, we could never have foreseen how beautiful and unusual the setup was!

We landed in a very wet and windy Amsterdam and made our way to the venue, “Arendshoeve” which is also known as “The Garden of Amsterdam”. What a beautiful place! We drove past it a few times as it’s not an obvious venue from the road. But once inside, WOW. It’s like a big, beautiful botanical garden with flowers, greenery and a gorgeous pond ... which we performed on. Yep... we actually performed on water. There’s a first time for everything! (The stage was held up with the help of floating bottles!)

The organisers decorated the place so beautifully and were so creative with their ideas. It was truly a sight to behold and we couldn’t help but take photos of the decor. Being a very glamorous corporate event, we opted for our super sparkly gold outfits for this one. Which worked nicely with the venue and theme of the event. We have an array of costumes to suit every event. Let us know if you have a style in mind and we can tailor our look accordingly. The stage was a nice big one with steps leading down to the dance floor which meant we could go out onto the floor with ease mid-song and be interactive with our crowd, which we love.


Thanks Western Digital for a great night!

This venue was just so different. We had a path over the pond leading from our dressing room to the stage - and I’m very pleased to announce that nobody fell in. A few close calls, but all 5 of us remained dry throughout.

We had a great audience who danced the night away and we felt great as people who were originally just watching change from spectators to world class dancers!!

The gig finished at 11pm so we made the most of the early finish and explored Amsterdam for a few hours after (for two of us it was our first ever time in the city!) A long walk, some eye openers and a cheeseburger later, we bid farewell to Amsterdam. Thanks to Western Digital for a great night!


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