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El Gouna (“The Lagoon”) is a luxury modern beachfront resort built on a series of small islands and lagoons. It’s located by the Red Sea, around 30 kilometres north of Hurghada, and is Egypt’s answer to the French Riviera.
The resort is a firm favourite with wealthy Egyptians and Europeans looking for a breathtaking weekend escape and boasts an array of boutique shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. You’ll often find famous Egyptian and international film stars enjoying El Gouna!

Besides being a fantastic place to have a holiday, El Gouna is also the perfect setting to celebrate weddings.
As a destination wedding band, Aston Band were honoured to get asked to attend a lavish Egyptian-Lebanese wedding celebration and provide entertainment for the bride, groom, and over 1,000 guests.

Nayla and Sayed: The Stars of the Night

Weddings are always wonderful occasions, and the joining together of two people from Egyptian and Lebanese cultures will always result in spectacular celebrations. The marriage of our clients Nayla and Sayed was no exception to that fact!
The happy couple opted for an “Enchanted Night” theme, boasting edgy, dramatic, vibrant and electrifying tones. The choice of venue, the theme of the night, and the entertainment resulted in a sensational and memorable event for everyone that attended!

The Venue

Nayla and Sayed chose El Gouna as the place to get married and share their joy with their friends and family. With over one thousand guests to cater to, the happy couple needed a venue that offered plenty of space where everyone could get in the dancing mood.
They chose a location next to La Maison Bleue, a luxury mansion set directly on the northern shores of Mangroovy Beach. La Maison Bleue is a decadent luxury guesthouse that boasts Mediterranean and North African architectural influences. They created a purpose-built venue from scratch! It was a sight to behold!

With the location arranged, we flew out to Egypt and set to work organising the stage for the special evening’s entertainment. Our fantastic lighting designer James accompanied us to El Gouna and devised a lighting show that perfectly complemented the stage and the music.

The Wedding Entertainment

Nayla and Sayed were very specific in that they wanted to create an incredible and memorable atmosphere for their big night.
As an experienced and well-revered international wedding band, Aston Band was proud to accommodate the happy couple’s wishes. We provided Nayla and Sayed with a custom wedding entertainment package.
It included a ten-piece fully-choreographed ensemble as Nayla and Sayed wanted a contemporary party band that played international commercial hits for them and their guests. During the evening’s proceedings, the happy couple even joined us on stage!
Watch the video on this page and immerse yourself in the music, the atmosphere, and the entertainment. If you’re going to have a wedding abroad, Aston Band will help provide you with a truly unforgettable experience and a memorable event!

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Event Details

Event Type: Wedding

Venue: Custom Venue

Client: Nayla & Sayed


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