If you are holding an event, then you want it to be special for those who attend. Even a corporate event can be uplifted and have that touch of luxury added by including live music. If you are looking to wow your audience, then adding corporate entertainers is absolutely essential.

Why Choose Live Music at Corporate Events?

Adding live music to any event will generate the right type of atmosphere that encourages relaxation and a sense of fun. This can be especially the case if you choose a live band in London that can play the type of music your audience loves. 

Live music can also create a bond between people who are attending and break the ice at an event. This is a much better way than sitting everyone around a table to quote their favourite movies. It doesn’t matter what class of people you are bringing to the event, music has a way of levelling the field and getting everyone together.

How Can Aston Band Help You With Your Corporate Event?

Aston Band have been performing together since 2010. We have played over 1000 top events in that time, and have amassed a number of awards. 

With this wealth of experience and talent, Aston Band have developed a professional yet fun and entertaining experience that will not only make your event go smoothly but also add that touch of luxury that other events can sometimes lack. 

If you book Aston Band, you can be sure of high quality corporate entertainers who love what they do and will make your event memorable.

Tailored Corporate Event Services to Suit You

Aston Band understand that every corporate event will be different. This is why when you arrange a booking, we will speak to you about your expectations and needs for the event. 

With a wide range of songs and a flexible band, we can tailor the band and their set to your requirements. This includes creating a specific set list, the line up, the size of the band, themed costumes and any other ideas you may have. 

Some of the possible band setups include:

6 to 10 piece band – This includes multiple singers, guitar, bass, saxophone and percussion

10 to 14 piece band – This includes multiple singers, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, keyboard and violin

20 piece band – This includes multiple singers, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, keyboard, string section and dancers

Aston Band can be your live band in London or wherever in the world you want them to perform.

How to Arrange a Booking

To arrange a booking for Aston Band all you need to do is check the availability on the date you are hosting the event. If the date is free, then we can arrange a call to discuss your needs and requirements. You can then relax knowing that you are getting a luxury performance from a professional band.

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