Wedding Entertainment For All Ages

By May 27, 2022 September 27th, 2023 Tips & Advice
Wedding Entertainment For All Ages

Your wedding will have guests of all ages attending right?

If your answer is yes, you must book a band that guests can enjoy from age five to seventy-five!

An experienced band will have a vast repertoire of music that they can tailor to suit your event, and they can read the room, so that is a great start!

You don't need to pick every song to try and please every person. It is an impossible task, and the guest's enjoyment level is not solely down to song choices.

Other factors help guests of all ages enjoy the show! Take noise level, for example - there is nothing worse than a band being too loud! NO ONE will appreciate that! Experienced bands know how to keep the volume classy.

Think about the kind of energy the band will bring to the party. Are they mean and moody rockers, a little stuffy, or are they fun and vibrant? What do you think you and your guests will enjoy more?

How about the stagewear? Do you think your guests will enjoy sparkles and glamour or a more subdued look?

The real key to all your guests enjoying your wedding band is the band's professionalism and EXPERIENCE!

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We were delighted to be asked by Bride Magazine for some expert tips on how to include children in your wedding plans. Take a look at the article below to see what we said.

You can trust us to provide top class wedding entertainment for guests of all ages to enjoy!

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